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I am a psychotherapist and provide mental health therapy for adults, children, and families, in person and online. 

I am a trauma-informed therapist, passionate about supporting others through therapy.

I offer somatic/body-based interventions in addition to talk therapy, and solely somatic sessions.

Therapy Services

I am committed to social justice and invite discussion of power & privilege within & outside of the therapy room.

I am allied to LGBTQ, BIPOC, poly/ENM, kink, Deaf, DeafBlind, neurodivergent, & disability communities. 


I have a special interest in working with adults on: complex trauma, anxiety, emotion regulation, relationships, self-esteem, grief, and life transitions. Sessions may include talking, somatic work, and coping skills. We may explore your mental, emotional, physical, and social strengths and needs, thought and behavioral patterns, the impact of past events, somatic experiences, and inner wisdom. I tend to draw from somatic, DBT, CBT, narrative, trauma research, and psychodynamic therapy. I encourage you to identify goals and let me know how best to help you. 

& Family Therapy

I have extensive experience with families and schools and welcome children, teens, parents, and families. I utilize play, art, somatic therapy, and social-emotional learning tools. I provide parent and family sessions focused on parenting skills, positive parent-child interactions, attunement, increasing/decreasing behaviors, and fostering a positive school experience. Some areas I treattraumatic events, general/social/separation anxiety, fear, self-esteem, friendships, bullying, frequent arguing, withdrawnness, abuse, PANS/PANDAS, school-based issues, and OCD


I enjoy helping couples navigate and strengthen relationships, and am kink, ENM/poly, and non-traditional relationship structure affirming. I am informed by PACT-attachment theory, neuroscience, and arousal regulation. 


Somatic sessions primarily focus on exploring body, sensory, movement, and nervous system experiences. Talking happens, but is not the primary focus. These can be ongoing or drop-in sessions for adults, as my schedule allows. 



Hello! My name is Rosalie Stillford (she, her) and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist & Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, supervised by Amanda Morrison. 

I believe each person has the power to experience increased peace, acceptance, healing, and growth. I find the therapeutic relationship can be a powerful place to foster this. 

I am a CODA child of Deaf, disabled, and DeafBlind parents, and because of this feel I am able to relate well to members, loved ones, and allies of the disability community. 

I received my BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley in 2003, MA in Education in 2007, and a MA in Counseling Psychology from The Wright Institute in 2015. In addition to my therapy work I have taught elementary school since 2005, and am a champion of using trauma-informed social and emotional learning practices in schools. I am currently training in Somatic Experiencing towards designation as an SEP. 

I'm an East Bay native, and am proud to call Oakland home. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my cats, and doing yoga, playing violin, camping, and reading. 

Rosalie Stillford, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #119120 & Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #8087

Supervised by Amanda Morrison, MFT #113245 & LPCC #7562


$200 per 45-50 minute individual therapy session, $230 per 45-50 minute couple/family/multi-person session. I reserve a portion of my practice for sliding scale, reduced-fee rates. I do not take insurance, but may be able to provide a superbill.

Please contact me at the email or phone number listed below for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss availability, fees, and what brings you to therapy, to help determine if my services may be a good fit for your needs.


2305 Ashby Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

This office is not wheelchair accessible.

Client parking is available. 

Thanks for submitting.

I will get back to you as soon as I'm able, generally within 1-2 business days.


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